Estonian Plywood AS is a part of the LEMEKS group, which is one of the largest forest industry enterprises in Estonia, operating successfully both in timber processing and forest harvesting. 34 subsidiaries and affiliates have over 1000 employees in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom. This fact gives ESTPLY a strong industrial backbone and financial stability

However, the main ownership impact comes through the strength in raw material supply. The supply security means, that we get our birch logs also on "rainy days", and you get your plywood as planned.

Lemeks Grupp OÜ


ESTPLY birch plywood is targeted for demanding end uses where the constant quality and delivery accuracy are valued. Our focus areas are vehicle floors, van linings, formwork and construction.

We seek for long term customers with a mutual interest in relationship development. Our team is dedicated to customer service and we appreciate friendly and smooth communication.

Our annual capacity is 55 000m3 of birch plywood. The mill design enables flexible capacity growth in the future.

Our main focus is in constant quality and punctual deliveries. By the compact size and clear way of working, we aim for quick customer replies. We don’t want you to keep waiting.


Although the lifecycle of birch plywood is extensive and it holds its carbon for a long time, we want to work our way to less CO2 emissions. We take the 1,5 degrees target of the Paris agreement seriously, as global warming will have a significant impact to our daily life, nature and business.

The Viruvere mill’s infrastructure design enables us to gradually increase the share of renewable energy. We have prepared our Carbon Plan for 2020 – 2025, where the final aim is to carry a net zero carbon footprint.