Building work ahead of schedule!

As we head further to July, the Viruvere mill starts to look like a plywood mill. Still a year ago there was nothing but an empty field. It has been an intensive winter and spring period, and now all the background work starts to pay off. The thorough preparation has made the tight schedule possible. According to Allan Pedoksaar, the Technical Manager of ESTPLY, the total project is slightly ahead of the planned schedule. “In a green field project there is plenty of issues every day. One by one we have managed to solve them together. It has been busy times, but far from being boring!”

The 270 meters long main building was erected at the end of 2018. The pillars and roof trusses are made of gluelaminated wood, which gives a nice touch to the industrial interior. The open and spacious production hall has enabled proper work safety during the installation period.

Outside areas are near to be ready. The last corners are getting asfalt in late July.

To become a wood processing mill, it needs huge amounts of steel and metal. Allan says that next to the hardware, the automation and software are key in role. “Connecting the machinery and conveyors together is essential. So far we have succeeded well. The sub-suppliers have showed great attitude and responsibility in this.”

Since the beginning of the year there has been building and installation teams from multiple countries. In peak days, more than 200 specialist and workers have been at the site at the same time. The Viruvere countryside has seldom seen so multinational people gather together. There are teams from Finland, Germany, Spain, Poland, and of course Estonia, among many others. Thanks to the experienced teams, the communication has been smooth. 

To keep the different teams and projects steps synchronized, things need to run like clockwork.

How to keep the mill project in schedule for the last mile, Allan

“Good planning, frequent follow-up and quick reaction are the key points,” he summarises.

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